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Filter Sock
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Filter Sock is used for Building and Construction Site drainage and Agricultural drainage. Filter Sock is designed for use with perforated plastic drainage pipes and is designed to slip over the pipe to prevent particles and fines entering the pipe and clogging the flow. The Preloaded Filter Sock comes loaded on a cardboard inner core which slides over Nova flo pipe. When in position, the cardboard inner is pulled back out from beneath preloaded sock leaving it wrapped around pipe. This saves time trying to stretch the sock onto the pipe.

Pack Qty
1 Sock
2+ Socks
26012 FilterSock 65mm x 15m Preloaded 1 $32.00 $29.00
26013 FilterSock 65mm x 30m 1 $54.00 $48.00
26014 FilterSock 65mm x 30 Preloaded 1 $64.00 $58.00
26015 FilterSock 110mm x 15m 1 $34.00 $31.00
26016 FilterSock 110mm x 15m Preloaded 1 $36.00 $33.00
26017 FilterSock 110mm x 30 1 $66.00 $58.00
26018 FilterSock 110mm x 30m Preloaded 1 $72.00 $65.00
26019 FilterSock 110mm x 50m Preloaded 1 $120.00 $109.00
26020 FilterSock 110mm x 100m 1 $222.00 $195.00

Prices exclude GST.

Properties and Testing Methods

Material 100% Polyester
Tested in Australia to Roads, Traffic Authority specifications.
Complies with Tests :
T.1521 — laddering and deweaving
T.1522 — Abrasion resistance
T.1523 — Weave stability
T.1524 — Opening index ( Micron hole pore size)

Tested in New Zealand by WRONZ to Australian tests
ASTM/D3786 — 80A Mullen Burst Test : 905Kpa
ASTM/D5034(1995) Breaking Strength and Elongation:
Elongation at break 37% length = 36Kgf 134% width = 31 Kgf
Reaction to water Hydrophilic
Structure Micromesh Pique
Melting Point 260 degrees C

Filter Sock

NZ $32.00
Filter Sock

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