Stella Green Porous Pavers

NZ$33.50 excl GST
Stella Green® Porous Pavers are an interlocking cellular paving system reinforcing grass or gravel in areas of high traffic or hard stand areas. They are made of are made of recycled plastic and installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface and provide a durable, environmentally friendly reinforced surface able to cope with extremely heavy loads.
  • Car and Bus Coach Parks (Grass and Gravel)
  • Emergency and Heavy Vehicle Access Roads
  • Aircraft Taxiways and Helipads
  • Walkways and Disabled Routes
  • Golf Buggy Paths
  • Driveways and Residential Parking
  • Patented designed allowing load bearing up to 4000 t/m2
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled PP&PE
  • Environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and free draining natural grass or gravel surface
  • Porous pavers minimises water runoff
  • 27mm ground spikes eliminates slipping and sideways movement
  • Reset wells hold moisture and stimulate grass root growth
Recycled PP&PE ( free from heavy metals)
Colour Options BLACK
Paver dimensions 492.7 x 492.7 x 39 mm (0.97 of a m²)
Height/Diameter 40mm/60mm
Weight (Nominal) 0.9kg ± 7 %
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity 400T/m² (filled and compacted)
Load Bearing Capacity 160T/m² (unfilled)
Chemical resistance Applicable to: road salt, ammonia, alcohol, oil, gasoline, acid rain, frost
Estimated Life Span 20 Years
Service Temperature -50°C to 90°C
Environmental Impact Neutral


Prices listed below are per 4 pieces.


Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 50+ Rate Qty Subtotal
Porous Paver Grid 492mm x 492mm


4 Pack NZ$33.50 NZ$26.50


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