Polyon Fertiliser

NZ $229.50 excl GST

Controlled release Polyon fertiliser is Homogeneous which means that the total nutrient package is contained in each granule and every granule is a clone of the next. This equals perfect distribution of nutrient in perfect balance. The Polyurethane membrane encapsulates the nutrient. The TM then meters out the nutrients via temperature which gives controlled diffusion.

Polyon is a quality fertiliser that meets most requirements of any nurseryman or planter. Provides optimum precise fertiliser released to maximise plant growth. Granule size is 3mm except for Topdress which is 2.5mm. Sold in 25kg bags.


Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 5+ Rate Qty Subtotal
Topdress 20-22-10.8+TE Nutralene (3-4 mths)


25 kg bag NZ $229.50 NZ $218.50
Polyon 16-2.6-10+TE (5-6 mths)


25 kg bag NZ $247.50 NZ $212.50
Polyon 16-2.6-9.1+TE (8-9 mths)


25 kg bag NZ $249.50 NZ $216.50
Polyon 16-2.6-10+TE (12-14 mths)


25 kg bag NZ $255.50 NZ $218.50


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