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Pond Liners & Culvert Flumes

A range of pond liners and culvert flumes manufactured by our specialists to your specific requirements

We stock a variety of high-quality liners for ponds, dams, irrigation water storage, rain protection and more. Our range includes polypropylene and PVC pond liners in addition to PVC and polyethylene culvert flumes. We also have spare flume pegs and clips available.
Benefits of our pond liners
  • Prevents leaks and subsequent loss of water
  • Protects banks from erosion of waves/water movement
  • Prefabricated, so no need to weld on site
  • Easy installation without any specialised equipment
  • Backed by 10-year warranty against degradation from UV rays
  • Can be tailor made to suit your requirements
Our liners and culvert flumes are made from quality membranes and can be used for a variety of applications. A range of standard measurements are available but we can also provide made-to-order lines to suit your needs.

Whatever you order online form us, you can order it with confidence that the specialists at Advance Landscape Systems have you covered with quality supplies at affordable prices.

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If you need more information on a particular product, need advice on installation or have enquiries of any other kind, please don’t hesitate to ask our team. Whatever you require, we will do whatever we can to help!
Polypropylene Pond Liner
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Dura Skrim Pond Liner
NZ $1,069.00
Dura Skrim Pond Liner
Polyethelene Culvert Flume
NZ $38.00
Polyethylene Culvert
PVC Culvert Flume
NZ $32.50
PVC Culvert
Culvert Flume Clips
NZ $34.00
Flume Clips
Flume Pegs
NZ $2.65


Offering a range of product both manufactured in New Zealand and sourced from specialist suppliers around the world, Advance prides itself in providing solutions suited to the very difficult and demanding situations in New Zealand’s unique outdoor environment.

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