NZ $208.00 excl GST
USE ON ...
  • Grass weeds
  • Broadleaf weeds
in forestry, established lucerne, maize, peas and sweetcorn

  • No weed resistance
  • Long-term activity
  • Effective on tough gorse seedlings
  • Great knockdown activity
  • Safe to use over some tree crops
  • High strength formulation – less handling and storage
Timberwolf 900 WG Herbicide is absorbed through the roots and leaves, with effects taking 1-3 weeks to become apparent. Rainfall within three hours of spraying will lessen the effect of post-emergence application. For both pre- and post-emergence treatments, rainfall or irrigation within one week of spraying is necessary for good residual control.


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Timberwolf, 500SC 20L


1 NZ $208.00 NZ $218.00 NZ $188.00
Timberwolf, 500SC 200L


1 NZ $1,770.00 NZ $1,672.00 NZ $1,595.00
Timberwolf, 500SC 1000L


Timberwolf, 900WG 10kg


1 NZ $192.00 NZ $182.00 NZ $172.00


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