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KBC CombiShield™
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A combination of a tough twin-wall translucent UV-stable 300mmH sleeve, natural mulch mat and 2 x bamboo stakes, the CombiShield™ is extremely fast to install and is designed for low cost, large scale native revegetation and restoration projects. Enabling the use of lower priced small grade plants, the CombiShield™ protects from wind, foraging pests and sprays. Combining extremely high plant survival rates, fast growth and easy maintenance, the CombiShield™ is a key product in many planting projects today.

  • Low Establishment Cost - CombiShields™ can be installed using lower cost small grade seedlings making the system cost effective for almost any planting program.
  • High Survival Rates - Reducing the effect of wild animal damage, desiccating wind and frosty ground, CombiShields™ also help retain moisture in soil during hot dry times of the year.
  • Faster Growth - CombiShields™ encourage strong and healthy root and stem development along with exceptional plant growth and survival rates.
  • Ease of Maintenance - CombiShields™ greatly reduce the need for ongoing maintenance due to suppression of competing weeds and protection from wild animal damage and protection from herbicide sprays.
  • Unobtrusive Design - Supplied in a brown tint, CombiShields™ blends unobtrusively into the natural landscape whilst remaining easy to locate for maintenance purposes.
Pack Size 1-5 packs 6-24 packs 25-49 packs
50+ packs
3702 CombiShield* with EcoWool Mat 200 units $1.73 (per unit) $1.58 $1.41 $1.33
3703 CombiShield* with EcoCoir Mat 200 units $1.59 (per unit) $1.45 $1.30 $1.23

Prices are per unit and exclude GST. Sold in multiples of 200 units only (i.e. 1 pack).

*Includes 1x sleeve, 1x mulch mat, 2x bamboo stakes
Prices listed above exclude GST.


KBC CombiShield™

KBC CombiShield
NZ $346.00

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