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KBC SquareGuard 600mm to 1.2m height
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Commonly known as the tree growers’ ‘insurance policy’, KBC ‘wrap-around’ Tree Shelters are suitable for protection against browsing sheep, rabbits, hares and possum. Translucent twin-wall polypropylene design - provides sufficient light for small seedlings while giving ideal micro-climate growing conditions and protection from herbicides and wind. Come as a flat die-cut sheet - easy to assemble - stake not included. 10’s of thousands in use all over NZ - used by local authorities, nut growers, olive growers, native revegetation teams, farm foresters etc. SquareGuard is a great replacement for our discontinued Tubex product.
KBC SquareGuard
  • The SquareGuard 60 is ideal for protection against rabbits and pukekos
  • The SquareGuard Maxi is great for shrubby plants and protects against rabbits and pukekos
  • The SquareGuard 75 is ideal for protection against hares, opossums, rabbits and pukekos
  • The SquareGuard 120 is ideal for protection against sheep
Use with our hardwood stakes and mats (see below). You can also buy SquareGuards in combination with our mats and hardwood stakes for a better price (see SquareGuard Combos below).
Code Description Pack Qty
50 100-500 550+ Bulk
1011 SquareGuard 60 - 600 x 100mm sq. 50 $3.49 $2.93 $2.49 $2.10 Enquire
1012 SquareGuard Maxi - 600 x 150mm sq. 50 $4.74 $3.94 $3.35 $2.90 Enquire
17852 Matching stake 0.9m x 22mm 25 - $1.09 $1.04 $0.99 Enquire
1014 SquareGuard 75 - 750 x 100mm sq. 50 $3.99 $3.33 $2.65 $2.47 Enquire
17869 Matching stake 1.2m x 22mm 25 - $1.47 $1.40 $1.33 Enquire
1015 SquareGuard 120 - 1.2m x 125mm sq. 25 $6.99 $5.83 $4.98 $4.49 Enquire
14099 Matching stake 1.5m x 38mm 10 - $3.59 $3.29 $2.98 Enquire

Prices listed above are per guard only and exclude GST. Stakes and mats are extra. Or buy in combo form (see below).


KBC SquareGuard 600mm to 1.2m height

600mm to 1.2m height
NZ $3.49

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