Erosion Control

Hessian Grass Strike Mesh

Hessian Grass Strike Mesh
NZ $199.00

Hessian Grass Strike is a tight weave mesh that can be used to establish grass. Seed is spread on surface of soil then Hessian mesh is laid on top to prevent soil erosion and bird damage. This still allows a degree of light and moisture to germinate seed but provides protection from elements at the same time. The fabric is 304gsm. 

When installing the mesh, we recommend a pin for every square metre in the middle of the mat, and every half square metre on the edges and overlaps. It's critical to pin securely as the wind can get under it and come up.
Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 10+ Rate Qty Subtotal
Hessian Mesh 1.83m x 50m


1 Unit NZ $199.00 NZ $189.00
EcoCoir Erosion Control Blanket Biodegradable

EcoCoir Erosion Control Blanket Biodegradable
From NZ $307.00

EcoCoir Blanket – an Eco-Friendly Coconut Mat

EcoCoir is a product used extensively on sloping sites where erosion is likely from wind and rainfall. Made from natural coconut fibre, the EcoCoir will also facilitate plant growth by providing insulation cover to the spreading root systems of plants. EcoCoir comes in both 300gsm and 450gsm grades with 50m rolls 2.4m width for quick and efficient laying.

This blanket is a Jute Reinforced Grade which is a completely natural product. The standard PP reinforcing is replaced with natural jute and cotton thread.
  • Biodegradable (jute reinforced only)
  • Pleasing aesthetically
  • Protects exposed soil from wind and water
  • Moisture retaining
  • Made from sustainable natural coconut fibres
A sustainable mat for a sustainable future
Whether it be our biodegradable coconut mat, or one of our other innovative products, we’re always seeking new ways to promote environmentally friendly approaches to landscaping and gardening. This is why our clients choose to purchase from us as they share our philosophy for minimising our carbon footprint on the planet.
Call today for further information on our entire range
Whether for additional details on our weed matting, fertiliser tabs or other mat products, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call 0800 600 789. We’re always up for a chat and will gladly answer all questions or discuss your individual needs.
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EcoCoir Erosion Control Blanket Biodegradable, 450gsm (50m rolls 2.4m)


1 roll NZ $399.00 NZ $369.00
EcoCoir Erosion Control Blanket Biodegradable, 300gsm (50m rolls 2.4m)


1 roll NZ $332.00 NZ $307.00

From NZ $1,470.75

GrassProtecta™ is an improved heavy duty thick polyethylene mesh for reinforcing grassed surfaces. Protects surface from rutting or vehicle wheel damage. Installation is simple as edges are butted together and secured with pins rather than creating an overlap.

Available in two weights:
Standard - 11mm thickness, 1.2kg/m2
Heavy - 14mm thickness, 2.0kg/m2
  • Grass overspill car parks
  • Domestic driveways
  • Front lawn and grass verge parking
  • Boat and caravan parking
  • Golf course buggy path and maintenance vehicle routes
  • Emergency vehicle access routes
  • Caravan parks
  • Light aircraft taxiways
  • High level of reinforcement – up to 8 tonnes per axle (imposed load)
  • Ideal for permanent or temporary applications such as parking on grass
  • Fast and cost effective installation compared to plastic paving grids
  • No excavation or soil removal necessarily required
  • Improved traction and grip compared to the standard straight orientated protection meshes.
PINS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Click here for more information

Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 5+ Rate Qty Subtotal
GrassProtecta, Standard 1400gsm 2m x 20m


1 roll NZ $1,590.00 NZ $1,470.75
GrassProtecta, Heavy 1800gsm 2m x 20m


1 roll NZ $2,200.00 NZ $2,035.00
EcoCoir Logs

EcoCoir Logs
From NZ $1,470.75

EcoCoir logs are a totally biodegradable solution for controlling erosion on hills, banks, stream boundaries, shorelines etc. They are easy to install, provide immediate erosion control and create the perfect microclimate for the establishment of new plantings. They biodegrade in 3-5 years giving ample time for plantings to take over.


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EcoCoir Logs 200mm x 3m


1 NZ $114.50 NZ $107.50 NZ $104.50


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