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Flex MSE is a sustainable vegetated wall system designed to outlast its hardscape predecessors, including concrete and steel. With a 120-year+ lifespan and 75-year warranty, your Flex MSE walls will only grow stronger and greener for years to come, providing unmatched ROI. The modular nature of Flex MSE facilitates easy customization to suit the specific needs and design requirements of any project. It is a simple, innovative solution for erosion control, slope stability, soil retention, and earth wall applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install my FlexMSE wall for me?
  • No, we don't install the FlexMSE walls ourselves, although we do know how! Wish to install your own? Click here to view our Youtube Video for instructions. Alternatively, feel free to call us and we can direct you to FlexMSE installers based around NZ.
Do you sell the FlexMSE bags empty or full?
  • We can sell the FlexMSE bags and plates empty for you to fill yourself. Alternatively, we can supply them full which will incur extra cost.
I am interested in hearing more about FlexMSE, how do I find this out?
  • We have 3 consultants based in NZ who can help you out with any questions. If you have a potential job coming up, our team are happy to meet you onsite to discuss your project and how FlexMSE would work on your site. Alternatively, we are happy to do a Zoom Call where we will take through a webinar on our FlexMSE walls and answer any questions.
I am an engineer/architect and need more technical information on FlexMSE, how do I access this?
  • We have 3 consultants based in NZ who can help you out with any questions. We also have consultants in Canada who will also be happy to answer your design or engineer queries and can allow you access to their technical database. We are always to available to provide a Webinar for you and your team or come onsite if easier.
Is the FlexMSE Wall environmentally friendly?
  • Yes, this is a growing wall. What about the bags though?The quick answer is that the materials used in Flex MSE do not fall into the category of microplastics and instead are reduced to a non-respirable element as they break down. The final element at the end of the life-cycle is a base element that occurs in nature which doesn't show up on a ppb reading as pollution. You may be interested in checking out the Flex MSE EPD We can email you the full analysis if required.
How do I know whether I should Hydroseed my wall or plant it out, and with what type?
  • This is based in what environment you are installing the FlexMSE in, and the type of elements. The consultant in your area would be happy to talk this through with you and provide recommendations.
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