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Futurfiber Hemp
Rich Landscaping
Rolleston, Christchurch
  Rich Landscapes were contracted to design this pump track so it would fit with the environment and provide a place for the community to engage in wheel play activity. The design included a landscape plan with tree and shrub plantings to provide an environmentally safe and beautified precinct. The goal was to extend the pathway and close in the wheel play area using the tree coverage to retain the feel of a park.

Creating an environment that thrives both visually and functionally comes with its challenges. For the Faringdon Pump Track, one such challenge was nurturing the planted greens with the constant use and creating a low maintenance environment where weeds were unable to compete. The challenge that came with this design was to be able to successfully establish the plantings using a sustainable weed suppression rather than going with a plastic weed mat which would eventually break down.

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  A pivotal element in the Farringdon Pump Track's landscape strategy was the installation of FuturFiber Hemp Matting. This choice aligned with Farringdon's commitment to preserve the environment. Derived from hemp fibres grown in Canterbury, the matting offered a dual benefit – not only did it effectively suppress weeds, but it also boasted remarkable water-holding capabilities, contributing to the overall resilience of the landscape.

The result was a thoughtfully crafted landscape plan, adorned with trees and shrubs, which not only enhanced the beauty of the area but also provided an eco-friendly haven for both residents and nature.

Innovatively, the choice of FuturFiber Hemp Matting eradicated the need for traditional bark coverings that could potentially pose hazards in the pump track area. This forward-thinking decision underscores Farringdon's commitment to both safety and aesthetics, encapsulating a community-driven philosophy that values every aspect of its residents' well-being.

The Farringdon Pump Track stands not just as a play area, but as a testament to the power of collaboration, vision, and sustainability. Its story weaves together the expertise of Rich Landscapes and the eco-consciousness of the Farringdon community. As wheels spin and laughter resonates through its tracks, the pump track stands as a vibrant reminder that even in modern developments, the beauty of nature and the spirit of community can thrive hand in hand.

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