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Take your retail business to the next level with our extensive range of products, perfectly suited for resale in your store!


 Whether you're looking to refresh your product lineup or expand into new categories, we've got you covered. Join our community of successful retailers and set up a wholesale account to start maximising your sales potential now!

Our partners in the nursery, garden centre, rural stores and retail industries have seen great success with our products, and we've provided them with the tools they need to thrive. We offer point-of-sale displays, including stands for stakes and display equipment for plant guards, to help showcase our products in your store.

Additionally, we can arrange training sessions for your staff to ensure they're knowledgeable about our products and confident in their ability to sell them. We'll also work with you to develop marketing strategies to promote our products in-store and drive sales. And, with your own dedicated account manager, you'll always have a direct line of communication to address any questions or concerns you may have."

Partner with us today and set up your wholesale account. 
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Is a renowned hemp product and can be sold in your store as pre-cut mats, discs and rolls. Free samples for your store will be provided. 

Providing a wide range of products in our TerraGear range including Fertiliser tabs, ties, stake rammer & track and site products. 

Plantskydd is a 100% natural spray-on repellent effective against most herbivorous pests. Provided in sell ready boxes. 
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A family name for plant protection  products in New Zealand, products such as the CombiGuard, CombiShield, TriGuard are used nationwide.
Our Emperor Bamboo is fully graded for consistency and known for its quality. A handy support for any grower. 
The biodegradable FiberGuard is the king of PlantGuards and as customers are heading for more sustainable solutions, are a great product to have in your store. 
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The Flex MSE Vegetated Retaining Wall System is a simple, innovative solution for erosion control, slope stability, soil retention and earth wall applications.