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FlexMSE - Taipa


Unique Outdoor Spaces Ltd, Landscape Design.


Guenther owns and operates Unique Outdoor Spaces a landscape design and construction company in Auckland was tasked with this project in Honeymoon Valley, Peria in the Far North of New Zealand.

The goal was to retain and stabilize the steep bank behind the house which due to the clay loam soil type in this area was prone to slipping and eroding and being a hot north facing slope it was difficult to establish vegetation.

The homeowner was also looking for a soft facing wall system that with fit in with the house design and blend in with the natural surroundings.

FlexMSE 18



The key challenge at this site was the difficult access to the site due to the wall being very close to the house making the use of any type of machinery almost impossible also the homeowner wanted the existing concrete wall was to stay in place this meant the new wall had to be built up from the concrete base.

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This secluded and peaceful valley required something special and with many options and designs being considered Guenther got in contact with Advance Landscape Systems, the New Zealand distributor for the FlexMSE wall system.

After discussing the challenge with our consultant, Matthew and running through some design scenarios, the FlexMSE wall system became the obvious choice for his project. Why? It could be installed with minimal ground disturbance and without the need to use any heavy machinery, the system ticked all the boxes for his client.

Advance Landscape Systems were able to deliver the bags pre-filled to site and the wall was then completed in just two days!  This could then be live planted with eco-sourced native plant species from the region.

Some of the added benefits when the FlexMSE retaining green wall system.

  1. It has a 75 year warranty and a 120 year design life giving peace of mind that it won’t be falling down anytime soon.
  2. Can be completely carbon neutral with in 12 months of install.
  3. Can be installed it difficult to access sites.
  4. Creates a beautiful and sustainable solution that merges in with nature

We #greenyourworld

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