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Wakefield Road, Stepneyville, Nelson

When Dave & Verena decided to retire in Nelson, they envisioned peaceful living along the coast. However, the unexpected Nelson Flood of August 17th, 2022, left their backyard vulnerable to erosion, leading to a devastating slip. To reclaim their land and property against future incidents, they decided that FlexMSE was the solution for them.

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FlexMSE stands for Flexible Mechanically Stabilised Earth, a vegetated retaining wall that combines strength, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional retaining methods, FlexMSE utilises an engineered yet simple geo bag and an interlocking plate.


Dave & Verena faced a challenge but saw a opportunity that would result in an earth friendly and long-lasting result. They collaborated with contractors, utilising the displaced soil to fill FlexMSE bags directly on-site. This innovative approach not only repurposed the materials but also reduced waste and lowered environmental impact, aligning perfectly with their desire for sustainable solutions.

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One of the most impressive aspects of FlexMSE is its versatility in supporting vegetation. Verena hand-picked the native selection to plant out their new retaining wall, including Climbing Fig, Virginia Creeper, Fuchsia Procumbens, and Bronze Rambler. These choices not only add beauty but also enhance the wall's stability, as the plant roots intertwine with the FlexMSE structure, anchoring the soil and providing additional support. This wall has resulted in the aesthetically pleasing transformation of their backyard with lush greenery cascading down and is now a picturesque landscape, blending seamlessly with the surroundings.

The FlexMSE Retaining Wall System has not only salvaged their backyard, it has revitalised it, turning adversity into an opportunity for a resilient and stunning landscape that will stand the test of time.


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