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Bamboo Canes 500-2400mm length
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The Only Choice for Natural Bamboo Stakes in NZ

Advance Landscape Systems specialise in offering our clients a wide range of gardening and landscaping products that are designed for their quality, and their environmentally conscious characteristics. In this regard, our bamboo stakes are no different. Coming in a range of lengths from 500 – 2950 m in length, you’ll have no trouble at all ordering exactly what you’ll need for your project.

Plantation grown. 100% natural product. Fully graded for consistency.

All prices listed below are per 100 canes and exclude GST.
Code Description Pack Qty 1-9 Pks 10-99 Pks 100+ Pks
15100 500mm x 10-12mm Ø 100 $10.00 $8.50 POA
15060 600mm x 8-10mm Ø 100 $14.60 $11.20 POA
15101 600mm x 10-12mm Ø 100 $16.50 $12.70 POA
15080 750mm x 12-14mm Ø 100 $26.00 $20.00 POA
15062 900mm x 8-10mm Ø 100 $21.20 $16.30 POA
15063 900mm x 10-12mm Ø 100 $24.40 $18.80 POA
15065 1.2m x 8-10mm Ø 100 $23.10 $17.80 POA
15064 1.2m x 10-12mm Ø 100 $28.90 $22.30 POA
15073 1.5m x 10-12mm Ø 100 $33.40 $25.70 POA
15066 1.5m x 12-14mm Ø 100 $52.10 $40.10 POA
15067 1.5m x 14-16mm Ø 100 $63.10 $48.60 POA
15088 1.8m x 10-12mm Ø 100 $46.40 $35.80 POA
15068 1.8m x 14-16mm Ø 100 $72.80 $56.10 POA
15071 1.8m x 16-18mm Ø 100 $107.50 $82.80 POA
15090 2.4m x 14-16mm Ø 100 $102.20 $78.70 POA
15070 2.4m x 16-18mm Ø 100 $124.10 $95.60 POA
15072 2.4m x 18-20mm Ø 100 $140.70 $108.40 POA


An environmentally friendly approach

We’re big believers in making our product range sustainable where we can, which is why bamboo is such a fantastic option when it comes to our stakes on offer throughout NZ.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources on the planet. It grows much, much faster than traditional timber sources and re-sprouts again after harvest. On top of that, all our bamboo is sourced from sustainable bamboo plantations.

To learn more about any of our garden stakes available in NZ, contact us today on
0800 600 789 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.
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Bamboo Canes 500-2400mm length

NZ $10.00
Bamboo Stakes

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Offering a range of product both manufactured in New Zealand and sourced from specialist suppliers around the world, Advance prides itself in providing solutions suited to the very difficult and demanding situations in New Zealand’s unique outdoor environment.

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