FiberGuard Kit 50 Pack

NZ $150.50 excl GST
Designed and created in NZ from recycled natural pulp-fibre and coated with a durable food safe moisture barrier and the One Stop Shop if you wish to buy ALL components in one nice & easy transaction. We make it easy to plan your planting!

Note: The 300 FiberGuard is ideal for smaller tender seedlings and will protect against rabbits. The 450 FiberGuard is for larger grade plants and will protect against rabbits and hares.
  • Protects plants naturally against browsing animals, herbicide sprays and harsh elements. NOTE: These are the perfect rabbit protector but if you are trying to protect from hares, we recommend going for the 450mm high Fiberguard to ensure full protection.
  • Have been proven to protect against pukekos, wekas & possums.
  • Provides its own micro-climate to help plants survive and enhance growth.
  • Manufactured using a tough recycled fibre board that has excellent puncture resistant properties and high bursting strength.
  • High ‘Wet Strength’ due to its FDA compliant moisture barrier helping it withstand damp environments.
  • Fast and secure install with its innovative tab and slot design. Has two unique stake ports to ensure guards are locked in place and stable in the wind.
  • Sloped design for easy placement on hillsides where necessary.
  • Neutral colour creates aesthetically pleasing landscapes.
  • Removal of guards not necessary as they biodegrade down to mulch, however they can be removed or recycled if desired.
  • Provides good protection in the field for up to 24 months. The rate of degradation is dependent on climate and site conditions.

Each kit includes 50 x guards, 100 x bamboo canes and 50 x mulch mat.



Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 20+ Rate Qty Subtotal
FiberGuard Kit, 300 (with 2 x 500mm x 10-12mm canes & EcoCoir mat)


50 NZ $150.50 NZ $143.00
FiberGuard Kit, 450 (with 2 x 750mm x 12-14mm canes & EcoCoir mat)


50 NZ $188.00 NZ $178.75
FiberGuard Kit 50 Pack, 300 Kit (with 2 x 500mm x 10-12mm canes & EcoWool mat)


50 NZ $150.50 NZ $143.00
FiberGuard Kit 50 Pack, 450 Kit (with 2 x 750mm x 12-14mm canes & EcoWool mat)


50 NZ $188.00 NZ $178.75


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