Filter Fabric (60gsm)

NZ $16.50 excl GST
Filter Fabric is a non-woven anti-silting fabric for facilitating better drainage management. Filter Fabric effectively assists in preventing both silt and tree roots from penetrating drainage systems. The fine pores in the fabric discourage penetration by roots and grasses, making Filter Fabric an ideal choice for embankments and ditches where weed control is also required and as an anti-slumping membrane.

For wrapped French drains, place Filter Fabric into trench and place rock fill and pipes as usual. When the drain has been constructed, wrap fabric edges back over the top before covering with soil. This will prevent silt and fines from entering the drain and clogging the system. Filter Fabric can also be wrapped around perforated plastic pipes to prevent silt from clogging the pipe.


Made from high-quality, durable materials


Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 4+ Rate 8+ Rate Qty Subtotal
Filter Fabric, 1m x 10m


1 roll NZ $16.50 NZ $15.00 NZ $14.50
Filter Fabric, 1m x 20m


1 roll NZ $27.50 NZ $26.00 NZ $25.50
Filter Fabric, 1m x 50m


1 roll NZ $54.00 NZ $53.00 NZ $50.50
Filter Fabric, 2m x 10m


1 roll NZ $27.50 NZ $26.00 NZ $25.50
Filter Fabric, 2m x 20m


1 roll NZ $53.50 NZ $51.50 NZ $49.00
Filter Fabric, 2m x 50m


1 roll NZ $108.00 NZ $107.00 NZ $102.50


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