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It is the season where tender seedlings are planted, and amidst competition with pests, wind and weeds problems, plant protection is critical to increased survival rates. In areas that are prone to these harsh factors, adoption of suitable protection techniques must be implemented. While plant protection is not a new idea, there is an increasing desire in the community for a solution that gives more. A solution that not only ensures successful establishment, but is biodegradable, sustainable, recyclable – and furthermore, 100% NZ made.

This solution is the FiberGuard.

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The FiberGuard is an innovation brought to the community by Advance Landscape Systems, a third-generation business that has been the leader in plant protection in New Zealand for over three decades. Since the early 90s when founder Doug Suckling introduced the first KBC Squareguard to Canterbury, the company has prided itself in providing solutions suited to this country’s very demanding and unique outdoor environment. Fast forward 30 years, and consumers are asking for something more than the industry could currently offer. As a result, the FiberGuard was born.

Made in NZ from recycled pulp-fibre, this plant guard’s point of difference is the intentional design for flexible placement and increased stability. This is enabled firstly by the double stake port system, which answers a pain point for many users of alternative systems. Furthermore, the sloped design allows for effective placement on hillsides – a mastermind innovation the industry has not seen before. A FDA compliant moisture barrier helps the guard withstand damp environments until its job is done.

Where plant survival is the age-old question, FiberGuard is the new answer.

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