FuturFiber® Hemp Mats

NZ $1.75 excl GST

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres on earth, providing the durability of a synthetic fibre while still being fully biodegradable. FuturFiber hemp mats harness the strength and absorbancy of hemp fibre creating a moist environment for plant growth, while providing unmatched weed suppression qualities.

BioGro™ certified for organic input. Ensures it meets international standards.

Made from New Zealand hemp fibres blended with pure sheep’s wool guaranteeing unmatched sustainability and quality.

FutruFiber Hemp Benefits

  • Discourages weed growth and eliminates the need to apply harmful herbicides.

  • Superior water holding capabilities.

  • Very porous so will not impede air circulation or water and fertiliser penetration.

  • Mitigates soil temperature fluctuations for surface roots.

Custom size mats are available on bulk request ranging from 500-1200gsm in thickness




Name In Stock Pack Qty 1+ Rate 500+ Rate Qty Subtotal
FuturFiber Hemp Mats, 360mm2


1 mat NZ $1.75 NZ $1.66
FuturFiber Hemp Mats, 450mm2


1 mat NZ $2.02 NZ $1.91


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